Getting Out of Debt: Intro

Getting out of debt is probably the most significant thing I've ever done. There have been other significant moments, sure, but this one stands out as a turning point. Lots of people get out of debt. Lots of people are in debt. I'm not that special. Funny thing I'm finding is it's not so much about the debt as it is starting something and finishing it. Something I don't do too well. It's about drawing a line in the sand and not actually crossing it. "I'm going to lose weight." "I'm going to start exercising." "I'm going to get out of debt."

As I've shared my story with a few people I've gotten incredibly positive feedback. A few people even asked if I could help them get out of debt. It got me to thinking (actually my friend Philip got me thinking). I could start writing about what it took for me to get out of debt. To help people. So, here you go. Blog one. I'll cut right to the chase.

Step 1*:

1. Go to Dave Ramsey's website. Now. Read everything he's written. Listen to everything thing he's recorded. Follow him on every social network you can. Subscribe to his YouTube channel. Subscribe to his Podcast. Either go to the library or buy The Total Money Makeover. If you can't afford it, email me. I have found no clearer presentation or prescription to get out of debt. There are no secrets. Just follow his plan. It works. I promise.

Blog two will be up next week. You should have plenty to do till then. 

*Step 1 is really the decision to be sick and tired of being stuck and normal. Normal sucks. This is assumed. 

Revenge of the Electric Car

I'm starting to blog during an interesting time in the automotive industry (I suppose every generation could say that though). An interesting time in BMW's history for sure. With the launch of the new i3 and i8 BMW has fully committed to electric. And I must say, the cars are wonderful. I've driven the i3 and the i8 pretty extensively. They are not the Prius of 1997. Tesla is producing an impressive line of cars too, not only in range but in performance. The Tesla S P85D goes from 0-60 in an astonishing 3.2 seconds. The other big names have been working hard for some time as well. Chevy began producing the Volt in 2010 and Nissan launched the Leaf the same year. Don't forget about the afore mentioned Toyota either. The Prius has been around for a while. Hybrid and electric are here to stay. If you're new to the electric conversation, watch Revenge of the Electric Car on Netflix. 

I chose to start blogging for two reasons. 

1. I spend literally 12-14 hours a day in and around some of the most technologically advanced cars available today. I mean, I've driven the BMW i8 multiple times. How many people on the planet can say they've done that? A few thousand? I've driven an i8 AND an M1. Probably only a handful of people have done that. It would be a shame not to share all the information and experiences I'm gathering. 

2. I work at a car dealership. Michigan House Bill 5606. If you follow the news at all you'll understand reason two. 

Point two excites me the most right now. I mean, it seems like a story from House of Cards or something. Would Frank Underwood drive an electric car? Hmmmm, maybe. He's from South Carolina... actually just a few miles up the road from the BMW Plant. If he did drive electric I'm sure it'd be a BMW.