My Friend Jon Has Lost Some Major Weight

I don't like working out. At all. I've tried to like it. Really, I have. I just end up liking pizza and lattes better. I have a friend who used to be the same way. Meet my friend Jon. Jon thinks differently about food and exercise now. (see picture below)

This isn't going to be a long, drawn out post. I still don't like working out and maybe it's not even a good example for this post. I could still stand to loose a few pounds around the waist. But here's the point - Jon got sick and tired of something in his life. So, he decided to change. That's it. Ask him. 

So, today - just change something. Want a better job? Take a step today to getting it. Want more money? Stop spending so much and start a budget (I can help with that one here and here). Be nicer. Sleep more/better. Less stress. Start running. Go buy some Nike shoes. I hear they help you get started doing stuff. 

This is an oldish picture... from January - Jon has lost even more weight than this!

This is an oldish picture... from January - Jon has lost even more weight than this!

Life vs. "Goals"

The New Year is just around the corner. We just had Christmas and now we have like 6 days to decide what kind of people we want to be next year. 6 days to CHANGE WHO WE ARE - THIS IS THE YEAR. 6 days to plan for 359 days. Seems legit. 

I never really make any solid New Year's goals. To be honest I don't think they "work". I mean, I want to be a better person and lose weight and spend less money, etc., etc. but as I'm sitting here writing I'm realizing making good, and I mean SOLID, long term goals is very difficult. EVERYONE wants to be a better person AND lose weight AND spend less money (and make more $$$$). Those "goals" aren't too unique. 

Are good goals really BIG? Like... "Pay off my house?" I MEAN, I JUST GOT THE THING. Get married? Have kids? Run a marathon? Nope. Scratch that last one. Of course I want to get married and have kids and pay off my house. But... These just seem like things you're supposed to do in life. So, I don't think they're "goals".  It'd be like saying "My goal is to work for 47 years and then stop working." That's not a goal. That's called life. 

Oh, and I'm using the term "Goals". I haven't even talked about the MUCH more serious term "Resolve". That one sounds very serious... like almost Biblical. Or at least 1776ish. I resolved to do something earlier this year. See how that worked out here. So, for now, Goals > Resolvolutions. (unless it's like "Resolve: to love my spouse and kids better." DO that one).

I follow this guy Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube and Social. Anyone who knows Gary knows one of his long term goals is to buy the New York Jets. Pretty cool goal. I think Gary will get it. It's a BIG goal. I won't be buying the Jets. 

I'm really struggling here for some good goals. I mean, being President would be cool. 

I don't want to be a Grinch though. Just because I don't have any BUY THE NEW YORK JETS goals doesn't mean I don't want to do fun stuff. So, here's a few things I'd like to do in 2016:

  • Stay under 190 pounds the whole year. I'll be using my Withings Scale thingy to track that. 
  • Spend more time with my family. 
  • Get a promotion at work and/or hit my bonus commission. 
  • Stop biting my fingernails. 
  • Visit New York for Christmas. Kevin McCallister style. 
  • Figure out how to make some side income on AirBnB.
  • Get married. Yup. That's not a misprint. 
  • Meet Casey Neistat. 
  • Reach Marriott Platinum.
  • More Heart, Less Attack.
  • See NeedToBreathe in concert. 
  • Much more.